The Help Desk project was created to identify the critical issues facing local businesses in a COVID environment.  

We’re a team of super connected local go getters, immersed within the business community. 

We’re on a mission to create practical, useful, solutions, based on real challenges faced by our local small businesses. 

Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve, and filter the overwhelming amounts of ever changing information so that you get what you need to keep moving forward 

We do the groundwork to understand our local business ecosystem. Starting with research, we use your feedback and collective data. We connect you to people who have the right answers – whether this is government, business or community. 

We find you solutions.

Want to build a community with us?

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Why did we create the Help Desk?

Businesses need support

Our survey results of 47 businesses and community groups highlighted the need for immediate help in these areas.

Top 5 needs for support:

  1. Council permits and support programs 
  2. Business strategy and planning 
  3. Marketing and PR, Advertising
  4. Social Media 
  5. SEO 

Help is available in all these areas. Yet,  these results indicate business and community leaders are overwhelmed by the mass of information online and the constantly changing covid environment. This led to the creation of the Help Desk. 

Our business community has told us, “Morally I am struggling with what is right/wrong. Stay at home? However I know a delivery service would really service the community well.”

The Help Desk – Helping Businesses in the West Footscray Area

The 6 month pilot project focused locally in West Footscray, as an initiative created by IWCF in partnership with the West Footscray Traders Association. It was funded by the Victorian Government via the Business Chambers and Trader Groups Grant. It has helped the West Footscray Traders Association take a strategic approach to planning by giving a greater understanding of the real needs of their members

Quick project stats:

  • Interviewed 18 business owners 
  • Surveyed 25 local businesses
  • 11 new members to the West Footscray Traders Association
  • 2 interactive workshops, filmed to create a practical reference and resource library

Demystifying SEO – Digital Marketing And SEO Fundamentals – Workshop

SEO is considered by many as a dark art, and many business owners feel they lack the knowledge to effectively hire someone to do it, let alone try to do it themselves. We break it down, remove the mysteries, and give you the confidence to tackle Digital Marketing and SEO.  

This 1 hour workshop on the fundamentals of SEO and Digital Marketing was a recorded session for the members of the West Footscray Traders Association.

To access 20% off website hosting from Australian Websites Services please fill out this survey with your contact details.

Don’t Take It For Granted – The In’s and Out’s of Grant Writing – Workshop

There are times when running a business, where an ‘extra’ injection of funds could really help you reach your next goal…it’s usually at this time you start hunting for dollars. Learn where and when to find grant dollars, whether it’s worth your time and effort, how to make the effort time well spent whether you win it or not. 

This 1 hour workshop was a recorded session on grants for the members of the West Footscray Traders Association.

If you would like additional resources, a list of relevant grants and a checklist of tips for grants, please fill out the survey to download a copy.