Bikes Destined For Landfill Are Saved


Bikes destined for landfill are being saved by a partnership between the Inner West Community Bike Hub and Footscray High School!

Since the start of the year, Footscray High School students from year 9 have been embarking on a practical program teaching bicycle repair skills in a bespoke workshop space dedicated to learning and community engagement.

Teacher and qualified mechanic, Dominik Zylka, delivers practical lessons developing skills and confidence that allow students to ‘build bikes’ that are fit for donation to people in need of accessible transportation in our community.

During their time in the program, students also learn the value and importance of repairing and reusing bikes and parts that were previously destined for landfill.

“We use bicycles as vehicles for learning and if we can get kids to rethink any future purchase based on the environmental impact or reusability of that item, then we have played a small but important part in our quest for improved consumer practices and circularity. The circular economy is gaining momentum and the Community Bike Hub Resource Centre is a working example of this in action”, said Dom.

A fantastic aspect of the program is that running it through a fully functioning social enterprise gives students an authentic experience as they learn in an environment that is dedicated to sustainability, learning and community.

Year 9 students interact with community members, bike hub volunteers and students from Victoria University completing their placements in the program. These partnerships allow the Community Bike Hub to provide exceptional learning opportunities and authentic opportunities to make a huge difference in their community.

The Community Bike Hub provides bike service and repairs as well as education, volunteer and donation programs. To learn more, take a look at their website